Internship Experience at the Jewish Museum in Berlin


Wei with a pair of women’s shoes found in Auschwitz from Shanghai

One of our students, Wei Zhang, from China has recently completed an internship with the Jewish Museum in Berlin. His research revolved around Jews in Shanghai during the Holocaust. Wei helped the museum translate documents from Chinese to German and English, bringing to life stories that were otherwise lost in archives. He’s written about some of his experiences in the museum’s blog. Here’s the link to the blog post:


Wei has also written about his experience through our blog, read more here:


Internships with Combat Genocide

Last week, students interested in an internship with the NGO, Combat Genocide, met with representatives from the organization. Combat Genocide is an Israeli nonprofit organization focused on providing aid to survivors of genocide, and preventing further genocides. They have played an active role in accepting refugees from Darfur. Not only do they help the refugees find homes and lives here in Israel, they also educate Israeli society about this specific genocide, as well as other genocides. The organization is also advocates for refugees through demonstrations, one their latests demonstrations targeted securing status for the refugees living in Israel. Furthermore, Combat Genocide is in close contact with different media to raise awareness of genocide.

They also collect a database of testimonies from survivors of genocide. One of the representatives said, one of the hardest things about living after surviving a genocide is denial. Combat Genocide recognizes the importance of remembrance. You can access their database of testimonies at their website. Many people contact them through the website looking for research information, as well as answers to questions about family members during a genocide.


There are four projects available to interns from the Weiss-Livnat International MA Program in Holocaust Studies. The first project is to assist in publishing an anthology of genocide poetry. The collection of poetry is written by survivors, witnesses and children of survivors. Combat Genocide started working on this project in 2012. Our students will help by applying for grants, and gathering information on the poets.

The second project is to increase the organization’s online presence. This will be done via various Social Media. Another project will write educational workshops. The intern’s role is to learn more about topics in genocide to write workshops for. For this project the student will work closely with the association’s head of education. These workshops will be passed on to educators throughout Israel.

The last project is participation in research for the Combat Genocide Association Da’ash Mass killings Database Project (DMKD). The goal of the project is to record the mass murder of civilians by Da’ash (ISIS). This project will be used to analyze the crimes of Da’ash against humanity. This intern will be expected to keep up with current events and write conclusions about the research collected.

Our students are looking forward to working with Combat Genocide. We will keep you updated on their projects.

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