2016 Teresa Levinger-Weiss Annual Scholarship Recipient

Anat Leviteh Weiner was recently awarded the Teresa Levinger-Weiss Annual Scholarship for outstanding student in Holocaust Studies. Congratulations Anat!anat

Anat was born and raised in Israel, she graduated from the University of Tel Aviv with a Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Therapy. Anat has lived and worked in New Haven, Connecticut as the Education Director of Youth Programs at the Jewish Community. As Director she initiated, implemented and subsequently directed the “Adopt a Survivor” program for six years. Anat was also responsible for the community Holocaust commemoration ceremony and Holocaust related programs and seminars. Anat was part of our third Cohort and has recently received her Master’s degree. 


Here’s a account from Anat on her time as an intern at the Nofim Elementary School:

anat-1As part of the International MA Program in Holocaust studies we have had the opportunity for hands on experience. I participated in the engaging and powerful internship at the Nofim elementary school.  The interns developed and implemented an interactive and educational series of lessons for 6th graders.  We chose the theme, “Children in the Holocaust,” and focused on personal stories. Concentrating on personal accounts allowed us to untangle the masses and focus on the individuals. Using this method was a powerful way to teach the events of the Holocaust allowing the students to empathize with the individual eyewitness accounts and to attempt to understand the complexities of Holocaust history, including the scope and scale of the events.  The 28 sixth-graders who participated in the program had the opportunity to explore, discuss, encounter and internalize in their own level of development some issues that children had to face while living through the Holocaust. We made sure to incorporate life before the Holocaust as well. Personally, it was a meaningful experience to create, teach and witness the attentive response of the students. The overall experience was rewarding, including the teamwork between the interns and the development of the curriculum.  We worked tirelessly, but it was worth every minute.

  ~Anat Leviteh Weiner

Congratulations again Anat! We wish you all the success!

Interested in applying for our MA in Holocaust Studies Program?  You can find the application and more information at our website: http://holocaust-studies.haifa.ac.il/


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