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Holocaust MA Students Rewarded with Scholarships from Rotary Israel

IMG_2341We are proud to announce that three of our students were granted generous scholarships from the Rotary Israel Club.  Congratulations to Omri Horesh, Igor Begun and Jason Hochman on this wonderful achievement.

(Taken from

Rotary International started in Israel by the initiative of Clare Martin, who was the CEO of “Shell” oil, in the Middle East.


Martin had initiated the establishment of the first club in the Middle East, Cairo.
In 1929 founded the Jerusalem Rotary Club, the first club in Israel and two years later along with Jerusalem, the second club in Israel – Haifa Rotary Club.
Rotary was able to overcome the most difficult obstacles with Interrelation understanding between Jews and Arabs in the Land of Israel.

Rotary international gave Israel the Privilege to be a District by its own- District 2490- Israel.

The district consists of more than 50 clubs, and consists a variety of community activities, assisting weaker sectors and fostering professional excellence. Rotary clubs including the best people in their fields, the leaders of the economy in the region. Such a concentration of people can allow Rotarians and clubs to operate in the community and bring about social changes at the best way.

Interested in applying for our MA in Holocaust Studies Program?  You can find the application and more information at our website:


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