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Nofim Internship

internship 4  For the second year in a row our students have the opportunity to participate in an internship with Nofim Elementary School in Haifa to design Holocaust lessons and teach them to a group of 6th graders. The internship is led by Madene Shachar, of the Ghetto Fighters House Museum, and Audrey Zada, the internship coordinator for the program. Under Shachar and Zada’s tutelage students have learned about trends in Holocaust education in Israel and how to design age appropriate Holocaust lessons for elementary students.


Students had the opportunity to visit Nofim Elementary School in order to ask questions of the assistant principal and head English teacher. Our students were eager to find out about the school’s philosophy and expectations as well as the Nofim students’ abilities and interests.

Our students are in the midst of determining their rationale for teaching the Holocaust that at this point includes its centrality to Israeli identity, the need to establish a historic foundation for further study on the topic, and applying the history to lessons on tolerance and how to treat others. Students will use these rationales to select topics and plan engaging and interactive lessons for the students in the coming weeks. After planning the lessons and getting feedback from the internship learning community our students will teach the lessons to the 6th graders at Nofim in May and June.

internship 8

The Nofim internship gives our students the opportunity to expand their experiences with Holocaust education to Israeli elementary school students and really plan and execute thoughtful lessons in an ideal situation. The internship provides students with a practical experience that will enable them to apply the knowledge gained from their studies to teaching younger students. Diana Schueman, one of the participants in the internship, has prior teaching experience and she is looking forward to utilizing her background in teaching while gaining additional experience on how to teach the Holocaust with Israeli students.  Another participant, Kim Johnson, said, “At the heart of this internship is children! Young people who have the potential to shape the world for generations to come.  Nothing gives me greater joy than to influence youth regarding the most central event in Human history—the Holocaust.  We have a great team and I look forward to developing the goals and lesson plans for the Nofim class to take their Holocaust understanding to another level!” We are excited to see how this year’s lessons will turn out.

Interested in applying for our MA in Holocaust Studies Program?  You can find the application and more information at our website:


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