Guest Lecturers

An Introduction to the Hungarian Jewish Museum in Budapest: A Lecture with Director Zsuzsanna Toronyi

It was with great honor that the Weiss-Livnat International MA Program in Holocaust Studies welcomed the director of the Hungarian Jewish Museum, Dr. Zsuzanna Toronyi to speak to our students. Dr. Toronyi has worked in the museum archives since 1994 and has curated several exhibitions including “Dimensions of the Past,” “The Jewish Woman,” and “Our Museum.” She was also the co-curator of an exhibition entitled “From Deprevation of Rights to Genocide,” and the winner of the Scheiber Prize in 2006. The Museum is currently working on a complete reorganization of the permanent exhibition of the Museum and a revitalization of the Rumach Street Synangogue which is used as an exhibition space for Jewish culture.

Dr. Toronyi spoke about many aspects and challenges of maintaining an effective Jewish museum in Hungary.  Zsuzanna spoke about the current state of the Jewish Museum in Budapest, and her visions for the future of the Museum space. Dr. Toronyi spoke about the extensive Jewish artifact collection that the Museum has and about how the artifacts are utilized and incorporated into the museum space. 

After announcing the new internship opportunity at the Jewish Museum in Budapest that will be offered to two students of the Weiss-Livnat International MA Program in Holocaust Studies, our program was especially honored to welcome Dr. Zsuzanna Toronyi to speak to our students about the various aspects of the Museum and the challenges that come with it. If you are interested in reading about this new internship opportunity, please see the previous blog and like our page.

Dr. Toronyi

Dr. Zsuzsanna Toronyi 

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