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International School “Graduation” Ceremony 2015

This past week the International School at the University of Haifa held a ceremony for all of the international Graduate students.  Since our students write their theses from around the world, the ceremony is held in the coordination with their last semester of course work.  We were so proud that our student Janusz Flakus was selected to be the student speaker.  You can watch an excerpt of Janusz’s speech, and read the text in this post.

“Your Excellencies; Rector of the University of Haifa; Dean of Graduate Studies; Dean of Faculties; Dean of Students and Head of the International School; academic and administrative staff members; peer students and distinguished guests. My name is Janusz Flakus. I come originally from Poland. I am both deeply honored and humbled to be able to briefly share with you my experience as a proud student in the Weiss-Livnat International MA Program in Holocaust Studies. Before I came to Haifa I had lived and studied for quite a few years in Ireland in the city of Cork. Shortly after my arrival I discovered, to my great surprise, that Cork and Haifa have identical coats of arms, which show a three-masted ship in full sail between two red towers. The only difference between them is the fact that the coat of arms of Cork features a Latin motto, which reads: “A safe harbor for ships”. Based on my experience of living and studying here, I believe that coat of arms of Haifa also deserves this motto. For the past nine months it has been for me, as I believe it has been also for other students, a safe and friendly harbor, a harbor from which, thanks to my program, I am going to sail away with many unforgettable memories.”


We wish all our students luck in completing their degrees!

Interested in applying for our MA in Holocaust Studies Program?  You can find the application and more information at our website:


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