Dapim: Studies on the Holocaust

Dapim: Studies on the Holocaust – Issue 29-1

IMG_6149Dapim – Studies on the Shoah, is the inter-disciplinary academic journal of the  Strochlitz Institute for Holocaust Research.  We are privileged to be part of the same institute as this peer-reviewed bi-lingual academic journal.  Dapim is devoted to the inter-disciplinary study of the Holocaust, the Second World War and anti-Semitism.  Scholars from around the world contribute to this journal, and here in our MA program we benefit from learning from many of the featured authors.

This month “Dapim” 29-1 was published.  The issue features four articles from Australian, German, Italian and Israeli scholars:

Playing for Their Lives: Music, Musicians and Trauma in Holocaust Film

By Deb Waterhouse-Watson & Adam Brown
Ordinary Clerks or Trailblazers of Destruction? – The ‘First Wave’ of Chiefs of Civil Administration and Their Implementation of Nazi Policy During the German Invasion of Poland in 1939

By Jochen Böhler
Truth and Memory After Catastrophe: Historical Fact and the Historical Witness

By Frida Bertolini
Labor and Extermination: The Labor Camp at the Dęblin-Irena Airfield Puławy County, Lublin Province, Poland – 1942–1944

By Talia Farkash

We are very excited to have contributed with such outstanding scholars, and are excited to share this issue with you today.

To read the entire forum, and subscribe to “Dapim – Studies on the Holocaust,” you can click here.


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