Guest Lecturers

“Farewell Herr Schwarz / Schnee von gestern / היה שלום פטר שווארץ‎” Screening with Yael Reuveny

הורד (1)Earlier this month our students were privileged to have a private screening of the film “Farewell Herr Schwarz” with Film Director and Producer Yael Reuveny.  The film’s synopsis reads:

“A meeting that was mysteriously missed in 1945 divides a Family into two.

Michla Schwarz, survives the death camps and travels to a Jewish state that is about to be founded in the Middle East while her brother – Fei’vke who is considered dead, changes his name to Peter and stays to live in the last place his sister would think of.

But they are only the beginning.

Their choices sink into the lives of their children and their grandchildren.הורד (3)

One family divided into two is exposed to its reflection. The Israeli side reflects in the German side without one knowing about the existence of the other for more than 50 years.

A cinematic journey starting with the simple question “what really happened in 1945” evolves to a complex conclusion about the power of myths and our need to hold on to them.”

הורד (2)

The fascinating film led students to questions Israeli and German narratives of the Holocaust, the relationship between Holocaust Survivors’ memories and perceptions and how they are inherited by their children and grandchildren.

Among many other awards, the film won the First Prize at the Documentary Competition of Haifa International Film Festival.

The film was recently featured in Variety Magazine, which you can read here.

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