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Yitzhak Livnat Visits Cohort III

Last week we were thrilled to have our dear friend, Yitzhak Livnat, come to the university to meet our third cohort.  Accompanied by his lovely wife Ilana, his sons Adi and Doron, and Doron’s beautiful wife and daughter, Yitzhak told the story of his life to our students.

We are very proud to represent Yitzhak and his family, as our program is named for them, in the work we and our students do.  Last year one of our students sat down to interview Yitzhak, and you can read about his story here.

It was a real treat to get to introduce our dear friend to this promising cohort because we knew they would both inspire each other. Please enjoy some of our favorite pictures from the day.

IMG_0535 IMG_0508 IMG_0493 IMG_0473 IMG_0468 IMG_0441 IMG_0435 IMG_0413 IMG_0409 IMG_0402


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