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Student Curation Project at Atlit Detention Center

We are very excited to announce this new project, which aims to familiarize students with conceptual and practical aspects of historical representation at a heritage site such as Atlit, while providing them with a unique opportunity for practical experience in curating. The Atlit detainee camp was a detention camp established by the authorities of the British Mandate for Palestine at the end of the 1930s in what is now Israel’s northern coast, 20 kilometers south of Haifa. The camp was established to prevent Jewish refugees from entering Palestine. Tens of thousands of Jewish immigrants were interned at the camp, which was surrounded by barbed wire and watchtowers. The Atlit camp is now a national heritage site, serving as a museum for thousands of visitors each year.

Its aim is to introduce students to the world of historical representation in exhibition and museum spaces.  The course is comprised of three main components, designed to develop curatorial skills in the historical space.

The first module will explore the historical background of Holocaust survivors’ struggle to immigrate and integrate into the Land Of Israel, after the war. Students will study the period of Aliyah B, with an emphasis on the Ha’apalah Movement under the British Mandate and the Zionist Movements’ involvement in leading the refugees to settle in Palestine.  The second and third components of this course will focus on developing practical skills in curating museum exhibitions. Students will learn a variety of methods essential for working in museum spaces.

From conservation of objects and artifacts, to developing exhibition spaces in both museums and heritage sites, students will gain a solid set of skills required for pursuing a career in this type of institution. Throughout the semester, students will be required to develop either an educational program to accompany an exhibition at the Atlit Detention Camp Heritage Site, or design a new exhibition space for designated areas of the camp. Additionally, each student will develop an exhibition-style poster, representing the key aspects of their project. Students will present their program at a public event at the conclusion of the semester.

Throughout the course of the semester we’ll update you about this exciting new project, but for now, enjoy some pictures from our first day!

IMG_0323 IMG_0330 IMG_0333 IMG_0326

Interested in applying for our MA in Holocaust Studies Program?  You can find the application and more information at our website:


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