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Yad Vashem Thesis Awards

Each year Yad Vashem presents research grants to outstanding  thesis projects of students exploring historical aspects of the Holocaust throughout different disciplines.  We are elated to report that six of these grants have gone to members of our first cohort!


Noa Gidron earned her BA in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Haifa and her MSc in Operations Research from the Technion. She retired from her job after 33 years of work in order to participate in the International MA Program in Holocaust Studies in order to contribute to the Jewish community. Noa’s thesis is titled: “Individual Initiatives of Jewish Rescue of Jews During the Period of the Holocaust” and she is conducting her research under the guidance of Professor Hagit Lavsky.

Dr. Ronit Roth came to our program already a practicing psychologist, and has used her experience in the field of psychoanalysis to explore questions of the Holocaust.  In her thesis, “Concern for Others in Nazi Germany: Searching for Makers of Empathy in Germans: Emotional Responses to the Persecution of the Jews, 1933-1945”, Ronit will explore themes of empathy and emotion in Nazi Germany during the Holocaust.  Her research is taking place under the guidance of Dr. Laura Jockusch.

Devra Katz earned her BA in History and Sociology from The University of Texas in Austin.  She is writing her thesis with Amos Goldberg and Amos Morrisreisch as her advisers, which is titled: “Emotions in Stutthof: An Analysis of the Social Function of Emotions in a Prisoner Society”.

Jordanna Gessler earned her BA from the University of Vermont, majoring in Political Science and History with a focus on Holocaust Studies through the Carolyn and Leonard Miller Center for Holocaust Studies at the University of Vermont. Her thesis is being done under the auspices of Dr. David Silberklang, and is titled: “You’re Jewish, so What?: An Examination of Jewish and non-Jewish couples in Nazi-Germany.”

Aline Pennewaard has worked in journalism and academia, and has recently completed her thesis under the supervision of Professor Dan Michman, which is titled: “Behind the Lists: The Deportation of Dutch Jewry to the Concentration Camps, 1942-1943.”

We are very proud of our students efforts, and very proud that six of them have been awarded research grants from Yad Vashem.


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