Guest Lecturers

Guest Lecturer: Arnon Goldfinger

Speaker3This week our students were privileged to  watch  the documentary film The Flat. The private screening was followed by a discussion with the director Arnon Goldfinger. Golfinger is a very well known and renowned director and currently teaches at Tel Aviv University.

The documentary itself follows Goldfinger and his mother as they try to learn more about  their family’s history in Germany prior to the war. After viewing this excellent documentary, Goldfinger gave some background on the film and then answered the students’ questions. Goldfinger described how his grandmother’s death inspired him to make a film about what can be learned by the objects that people leave behind. This ultimately led him to discover more about his grandmother. He emphasized the extent to which these discoveries influenced his relationship with his own mother both during the filming and after the film was released. He then discussed the process of gathering funding for the film, and the process of filming.

His talk and the film were fascinating and thoroughly enjoyed by all of the students.





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