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Student Blog: Lisa Krebs

564725_10151490090752716_665552868_nLisa Krebs graduated in the summer of 2013 with a BA in Theology and Religion from the University of Birmingham, England. Throughout this degree she focused upon Holocaust Studies and did her dissertation on Religious Jewish Observance within the Warsaw Ghetto. She visited Poland for 5 days in 2011 on which her trip was accompanied and led by a Holocaust survivor. This experience was extremely inspiring and it further encouraged her passion to be involved with Holocaust education. Lisa hopes to do her MA thesis on a comparative study of the different Ghettos established by the Nazis. In the future she hopes to work in Holocaust education or education work through Holocaust museums.  During the semester break Lisa shared with us a few thoughts about her first semester, and her expectations for the one that was only a short week ahead of her.  Here’s what she had to say:

“As I get ready to leave dreary Manchester (after my semester break) for the beautiful picturesque Haifa I think back to when I last left for Israel in October. I was extremely nervous about the new challenge I was about to embark on. This time as I leave I’m excited to get back to my new friends, my roommates and begin studying again.1014048_10152175595467716_1968006452_n

Last semester was a truly wonderful experience. The classes were fascinating and I learned a great deal. The professors really allowed us to delve into their knowledge on the Holocaust and I studied the Holocaust in a way that I never had before. One of my favourite modules was the Research Forum in which every week the class was introduced to a different speaker. Thus far, I have listened to many people including a Holocaust survivor, a man who digs for gas chambers in Sobibor and the director of ‘A Film Unfinished’. I look forward to this class continuing next semester. The program is incredible for the fact that it allows us to really learn about the Holocaust from all angles. The fact that we are able to meet and be taught by leading scholars makes me feel extremely lucky to be a part of this program.


To further extend my knowledge on the Holocaust in such a diverse program means that I am sure that the next semester can only bring more positive experiences.”


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