Guest Lecturers

Guest Lecturer: Esti Fisher of Six Million and One

six-million-and-one-movie-posterThis past week our students had the privilege of meeting Esti Fisher after a screening of the documentary: “Six Million and One”.  The documentary is directed and produced by Esti’s brother David Fisher, and features both David and Esti as well as two of their brothers.  The film follows the siblings as they pursue their late father’s Holocaust story by visiting the places he had been imprisoned in slave labor in Austria during the war.  The film showcases many challenging aspects of the Holocaust such as Second Generation inherited trauma, and the role of the liberator in places like Gusen.  It also emphasizes the importance of family, and allows viewers to connect with these incredible siblings.

six million and one 2-six-million-and-one-l-r-Gideon-Estee-Ronel-and-David-Fisher-copy2 six million and one - 1

It was such a treat to hear Esti speak about the process of being in the film, and about many of the things that did not make it into the released edition.IMG_3280  We will always be thankful to families like the Fishers whom allow viewers to take an inside perspective on the complex influences of Holocaust memory.  We are especially grateful to Esti for coming to speak to use and share more about her family, their relationship and their history.

“Six Million and One” has been awarded as an outstanding film around the world:

IDFA, Voted among the Audience Top 10, November 2011
Dokfest Munich, Best Documentary, May 2012
DOXA Vancouver, May 2012, Honorable Mention, Doxa Feature Documentary Award
Krakow Film Festival, June 2012, Silver Horn for Best Director of Feature Length Documentary
Berlin Jewish Film Festival, June 2012, Best German Documentary on Jewish Themes

The Film’s Trailer:


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