Faculty Feature: Professor Hadas Wiseman

hadas_in_a_frameProfessor Hadas Wiseman received  her BA degree in Psychology and Statistics at the University of Haifa, and  continued abroad in graduate studies of a MA and PhD in Clinical Psychology at York University in Toronto, Canada. She returned back home to Israel to do a post-doc in the Department of Psychology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and thereafter joined the Faculty of Education back at the University of Haifa in the early 90s. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in the areas of counseling psychology, counseling,  psychotherapy,  human development and personal relationships. In 1996 she began a research project on Interpersonal Patterns in Second generation Holocaust survivors together with Professor Jacque Barber, who was at the time at the University of Pennsylvania, that funded by the USA-Israel Bi-national Foundation (BSF). The main findings from this project appeared in their book: Wiseman & Barber (2008). Echoes of the Trauma: Relational themes and emotions in children of Holocaust Survivors. New York: Cambridge University Press. She has recently  been studying with her doctoral students Holocaust related subjects; child survivors, second and third generation (with Adi Duchin) and offspring of rescuers of Jews (with Lilach Ashoulin).  Professor Wiseman is both a member of our Academic Comittee and our faculty.  This coming semester she will teach her course, “Remembering the Holocaust”, for the second year.   Professor Wiseman tells us about her experience in our program, saying:

“It has been a very special experience for me to teach in the MA program in Holocaust studies, and a true privilege. During the first year of the program I was excited to teach my course, titled: Psychological Aspects of the Memory of the Holocaust, to the international group of students and Israeli students – all committed to study about the Holocaust from a multidisciplinary approach. I enjoyed the challenge of adapting this graduate course that I have been teaching for about 7 years in the Counseling and Human Development to the MA program in Holocaust studies. The meeting with various backgrounds of the students was most enriching; especially the blend between students from diverse academic fields and methodologies, as well as of different ages, countries, and cultures was fascinating and fostered a stimulating and rich experience. Given that the psychological aspects touch on the personal, familial and social, it was a true encounter of shared intellectual interests and at time social- emotional experiences.

I look forward to meeting the new group of students in the program and welcome them aboard this shared Journey to explore the psychological aspects of the memory of the Holocaust. It obviously is not always an easy journey, but definitely a meaningful and fulfilling one.”

We are grateful to have outstanding indviduals like Professor Wiseman as part of our program, and look forward to seeing how our current students enjoy her course this coming semester.

To read more about Professor Wiseman’s work click here, and to buy her book on children of Holocaust Survivors written with Professor Jacque Barber, click here.


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