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Ronnen Harran on i24news for International Holocaust Remembrance Day

1148756_522126697855119_1061872279_nRonnen Harran earned his B.Sc. in Mathematics & Computer Sciences in1983 at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. Since then, and up to 2011 he has been working as a software engineer and then as a systems engineer. Nowadays he is self-employed as a software consultant. Belonging to “the 2nd generation” of  Holocaust survivors,  he became interested in the Holocaust-related story of his late mother in 2010. This led him to research her story in great detail, and to put his findings into a book. However, realizing that a testimony-based biography would fail to convey the full story, he has joined the Holocaust Studies M.A. program at the University of Haifa in order to broaden his perspective and to be able to extend his mother’s story with the Nazi point-of-view. In March 2013, he participated in the Sixth International Conference on Women and the Holocaust where he gave a lecture titled: “Who is Tosia Altman?” – The Story of a Gestapo Interrogation.  As knowledge nourishes interest, he is contemplating a venue of Holocaust research beyond the scope of a private story.

Ronnen was recently interviewed by i24news for International Holocaust Remembrance Day.  We are proud of his interview and the work he has done, and we excitedly await what Ronnen will do next.  The following is a compliation of parts of Ronnen’s interview.  Thank you to Ronnen for sharing his wealth of knowledge and some of his mother’s background in Auschwitz.


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