Seminar: Dr. Ruthellen Josselson

IMG_3105This past December, our students were privileged to have a private seminar with Dr. Ruthellen Josselson.  Dr. Josselson is both a professor of clinical psychology at The Fielding Graduate University, and a practicing psychotherapist.  Ruthellen Josselson is the author of numerous books, among them: Playing Pygmalion: How People Create One AnotherRevising Herself: The Story of Women’s Identity from College to Midlife (which received the Delta Kappa Gamma Educators Award); Irvin D. Yalom: On Psychotherapy and the Human Condition and The Space Between Us: Exploring the Dimensions of Human Relationships. She was, for many years, Co-editor of the Annual, The Narrative Study of Lives.

She is the recipient of the Henry A. Murray Award from the American Psychological Association and a Fulbright Fellowship.

Our seminar consisted of a series of workshops that were designed to give students experience in narrative interviewing, an integral part of the qualitative method of research many of our students employ in their research.

By confronting the issues involved with forming interpersonal relationships in interviews, Dr. Josselson showed students how to utilize a person’s story in a meaningful way that balances the researcher’s obligation to their work as well as to the interviewee.  Many of our students utilize these methods while interviewing Holocaust survivors, and the opportunity to learn from Dr. Josselson was undoubtedly a useful one.

We are proud to offer opportunities to interact with scholars, like Dr. Josselson, to our students, and look forward to seeing how these new skills will be implemented in their future research.

IMG_3361 IMG_3352 IMG_3350 IMG_3358


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