Faculty Feature: Dr. Sharon Kangisser Cohen

UntitledDr. Sharon Kangisser Cohen is the Academic Director of the Oral History Division of the Avraham Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Sharon earned her PhD from the Hebrew University from the IJC. She has taught Holocaust studies at the Hebrew University, The University of New South Wales, Australia and at NYU in New York. Her second book entitled “Testimony and Time: early and later Holocaust survivor testimony” will be published by Yad Vashem in 2014.

This past semester Sharon taught two courses in our program.  The first relating to methodological issues relating to the study of the Holocaust, and the second about Education and the Holocaust. The later course examined how the Shoah has been taught in different communities throughout the world as well as pedagogical approaches to Shoah education.  We were also privileged to have Sharon accompany last year’s cohort on our trip to Germany and Poland.  We are proud to have outstanding faculty who can provide so many different services to our program.


When asked about her experience teaching in our program, Sharon says: “As I reach the end of the first Semester teaching in the MA program in Holocaust Studies, I look back to the experience with warm memories. I think that this group of students is a bright, committed and engaged group who invested themselves in the courses I taught. The students had strong opinions and were not afraid to be challenged and to speak their mind. My goal is to help them approach questions regarding research and education in a more critical manner. Perhaps most importantly I hope our students will continue to study the subject matter respectfully and critically, maintaining a balance between its emotional force and the quest for good scholarship.”


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