Guest Lecturers

Guest Lecturer: Yoram Haimi

IMG_2921This past December our students enjoyed a guest lecture by Yoram Haimi.  Yoram is an Israeli archeologist who recently began to research his family history, and found a link to Sobibor death camp.  His discovery led him to a new project: excavating Sobibor.  In his lecture, Yoram explained the importance of his project.  Historians believe that only 50-70 people survived Sobibor, and this small group of survivors struggle to convey a clear picture of the layout of the camp.  Many Holocaust deniers use this site as a means of suggesting that the Holocaust did not happen, or that the numbers and facts are being exaggerated.  Yoram’s work directly combats these threats, by uncovering the layout of the former camp in order to accurately represent this site’s history.



It was fascinating to hear about the work he has already done, the discoveries he has made, the names and possessions he has found.  It was especially inspiring to hear about his partnerships with local Polish people working on this project.


You can read more about Yoram Haimi and his ongoing work in Sobibor here and here



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