Seminar at the Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum: Inside the Archive

IMG_3040 The experience of being in a room full of letters, photographs, and yellow stars from the Holocaust is a dream come true for our students.  There is something so special about being able to touch history and see the real artifacts, especially when these events can feel so far away from the experiences our students have in the classroom.

What makes the archives at the Ghetto Fighters’ House museum even more special is the background information they can provide on each of their artifacts.  This behind the scenes information is the sort of thing that makes the Ghetto Fighters’ House so special.  Since the creation of the institution they have fostered an environment that will feel like a home.  It is for this reason that many of these donated pieces of history have ended up within their care.


Each object not only tells the story of a specific person and place during the Holocaust, but it also tells the story of how it came to the museum, and what the Ghetto Fighters’ House provides to the community of families with Holocaust survivors.


The museum was gracious enough to provide our students with different materials in their original languages, which members of our group could read and translates for their peers.  Being able to hear the different languages explained by our own students emphasized the unique diversity of our group of students.  Each of them comes to our program with their own skill set, and our time in the archive allowed students to learn from one another.


IMG_3057 IMG_3054

We are grateful to the museum for providing us with such a rich seminar.  Each day provided something meaningful, and our time at in the archive allowed the students to confront history through this very special access to the museum’s meaningful artifacts.  It was an inspiration to see the important work our friends at the Ghetto Fighters’ House do, and we can’t wait to go back.


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