Current Events

Current Events: New Dimensions in Testimony Classroom Concept

One concern we hear repeatedly from our students and colleagues is how the world of Holocaust education will change when we no longer have survivors as a resource in classrooms.  In response to this, the Shoah Foundation, in collaboration with the USC Institute for Creative Technologies, has created a way to use holograms of survivors to interact with future students.

Edmon J. Rodman, a columnist for JTA, questions this new effort, saying: “Recalling my conversations with survivors, I wonder how a 3-D representation, no matter how well intentioned, can match the experience of making live eye contact with someone who is reaching out with the story of his or her own private hell.” (More of Rodman’s account and experience with this new technology click here.)

Ultimately Rodman, and many others, find this new effort to be meaningful interaction for students of the Holocaust.  Watch the clip of this new technology here:


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